The Diaper Fairy™ has landed!

in Louisville, KY and Southern Indiana to help families who need freshly laundered cloth diapers delivered to their home, work or daycare.

We carry both traditional pin-less non-bleached cotton pre-fold diapers and modern microfiber inserts.

Choose the service that fits you.

How We Clean Diapers

The Diaper Fairy™ launders with a gentle soap and heat based formula that has been developed by the Real Diaper Industry Association specifically for cleaning cloth diapers.  We set strict standards for bacteria control and ph balance all while conserving natural resources.

“The Full Fairy” Package

Looking for a service package that’s truly enchanting? Choose our “Full Fairy” cloth diaper delivery service. It makes cloth diapers about as easy as it gets!

Simply choose the number of diapers your family needs each week and let us take care of the rest. The Diaper Fairy™ will magically replace the dirty diapers you set out with clean ones. Perfect for babies who will be in cloth full-time or part-time.

Package prices are based on number of diapers delivered weekly.

  • 80 diapers – $24.00/wk
  • 70 diapers – $23.50/wk
  • 60 diapers – $23.00/wk
  • 50 diapers – $22.50/wk
  • 40 diapers – $22.00/wk

Looking for a drier and trimmer option?
Upgrade to modern microfiber/microfleece inserts for an extra $3.00/week

Have more than 80 diapers weekly?
It costs just $1.00 extra 10 diapers and you can add as many as you want!

Weekly Accessories

  • Rental Covers – $1.00 each/week
  • Rental Snappi fasteners – $1.00/week
  • Doublers (microfiber or hemp) – $2.00/week for 10
  • Cloth Wipes – $2.00/week for 40
  • Organic Cotton Trainer Pads & Padded Pants are also available and can be subbed for diaper inserts at no additional charge.

Getting Started

There is a one-time starter fee of $45.00.  This fee covers the price of the diaper rental pail, a monthly deoderizing disk, a New Client Orientation small group training session, and optional in-home troubleshooting visit once baby arrives.

Prices include all absorbed inserts, delivery/pickup, and laundering.

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“Dragon’s Breath” Stripping Service

Do you wash your cloth diapers at home?  Got some stink that’s worse than a dragon’s breath? Have your diapers lost their absorbency?  Try our Stripping Service!

We will pick up your diapers and strip away any residues that may be causing smells, low absorbency or stains. The nasties will be gone and your diapers will be like new!

As a one-time service, prices are based on number of diapers deep cleaned.

  • Up to 60 diapers – $40.00
  • Up to 40 diapers – $35.00
  • Up to 20 diapers – $30.00

Diaper Registries
are a great idea for baby shower gifts!

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