Getting Started with
The Diaper Fairy

Secure Your Spot 
​on Our Flight Pattern
Complete the online forms to secure your spot on our Flight Pattern. You will be invoiced for a 6-week initial payment once your first delivery is made.
Attend a How to Cloth Diaper with the Diaper Fairy information session, where we teach how to diaper your baby and help you determine how many diapers and accessories you will need. 

Approximately 2 weeks before your baby is due, we will make your first delivery so that you have diapers ready to go when your baby arrives! 
Contact us when your baby is born and we will make your house a regular stop on our route! If your baby is already here we can get you on the route within a week.

Pricing and Accesories

Prices are based on number of diapers delivered weekly.
Cost is automatically charged to your credit card each month.

80 diapers – $24.00/wk
60 diapers – $23.00/wk
40 diapers – $22.00/wk

Need more than 80 diapers weekly?
It costs just $1.00 extra 10 diapers and you can add as many as you want!

Looking for a drier and trimmer option?
Upgrade to modern microfiber/microfleece inserts for an extra $3.00/week

Weekly Accessories
Rental Covers – $1.00 each/week

Cloth Wipes – $2.00/week for 40

Doublers (microfiber, flannel or hemp) – $2.00/week for 10

Training pants are also available and can be substituted for diapers at no additional charge.